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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sony Cybershot RX100 - Part 2 (Initial Impression)

I've only had the camera for about 10-hours and shot with it about 2-hours today. I will be using the camera extensively this weekend and will post the pics taken afterwards.


Being used to holding the NEX-7 with its grip has me fumbling around on how to steadily hold the RX100. Basically you support the camera around the lens (where you have the function ring).  That's the way I do it as I find it hard to shoot using one hand only.

If you place your left index finger on the left side of the camera you end up holding down the flash. This is the same 'issue' as with the HX20 and other high-end Cybershot cameras.

Pressing the 'Playback' button on the camera (while it is off), turns on the camera but not for shooting but only for viewing photos / videos recorded. But the only way to turn the camera off is to press the On/Off switch twice!

Menu System

The menu is very similar to any Alpha SLT/SLR or NEX cameras, user-friendly and intuitive.  Although there are some settings that I wish are also on the NEX-7. I will only list the setting that I think should be on the NEX as well. The rest are pretty standard settings.

  1. Aspect Ratio. The RX100 allows you to choose up to 4 aspect ratio. They are 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1.  
  2. Auto ISO, you can set the lower limit to ISO125 and the upper limit to ISO6400
  3. ISO AUTO uses the Multi Frame Noise Reduction algorithm of the camera where it takes multiple shots (around 4-shots) and then gives you a 'cleaner image'. ONLY WORKS IN JPEG.
  4. Memory Recall. This allows you to save up to 3 user defined settings that you can easily access without having to go through the menu system and setup each setting. The newer Cybershots have this functionality and yet even the high-end NEX camera doesn't have it. 
  5. Steadyshot. These setting can be found on both the Still section and the Movie Setting section of the menu.  On the Movie section, you have 3 options; Active, Standard or Off.  On the Still section, you only have On and Off.
  6. Drop Sensor. This function has been carried over from the Handycam where the camera detects if it is falling to protect the internal harddrive, maybe it also locks the OSS / lens retract to its housing as well.
the annoying stuff...
  1. The Audio Signals setting, well what it does is it turns AF confirmation sound
  2. Picture Effect. Found on two sections of the Menu, one on the Still Shooting Menu and the other on the Playback Menu. The difference between the two is that on the Still Shooting Menu, it gives you the normal Toy, Rich B&W, Miniature, etc setting while the one on the Playback Menu allows you to apply either ILLUSTRATION or WATERCOLOR Effect on any photos taken (JPG ONLY).

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