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Monday, October 17, 2011

A77 Video Crop?

It has been reported that the video of the A77 is actually crop because of the Steady Shot System (Sony's In-Body Stablization System). 

There have been varying percentage of crop factor being reported ranging from 15% to 30%.  I have emailed Sony Australia asking what is the exact crop factor on the video and I should get an answer within the week.

LesNumerique (a French website) has reported almost 30% crop factor
The video capture uses only 10,9x19,4 mm of a sensor measuring 15,7x23,7 mm : with the kit lens 16-50 mm, set at 24 mm we get 31 mm in video.
How would this affect your video; since the FOV (field of view) does not get refreshed until you hit the 'Movie Record' button then what your seeing on your EVF is not exactly the scene being captured.

The A77 is still the best APS-C DSLR on the market for doing video because of its AF Speed and Sony's Peaking Level. 

NOTE: Apparently, the A33 does the same thing as stated on the Manual (page 81)
The angle of view of movies is narrower than that of still images. After you press the MOVIE button, the camera shows the actual range to be recorded (SLT-A33 only).
Looks like the Sony A55 is the only DSLT camera not doing any video crop...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NEX-5N Impressions - Part 2 (Sample Photos)

Sorry for the very late follow up on the NEX-5N impression.  I really need to find a way to manage my time properly.  Also, it was good timing since Adobe has updated Lightroom to be able to read the NEX-5N RAW file.

Follow the leader!
The week that I had the NEX-5N, we had a very cloudy/windy weather here in Melbourne.  My plan was to go on a photo walk with one of my friends but didn't manage to do so because of the '4 seasons in 1 day' weather.  Good thing we were invited to a party so I took the camera with me and started shooting. I can't post all the pictures here as much as I want to because I didn't tell them that I will be posting the photos on my blog.  Oh well, good thing the ducks were there :)

Picture Effect - HDR Painting (Heavy)
Picture Effect - HDR Painting (Light)

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