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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sony's New Shoe and Micro USB

Besides the new hotshoe that Sony will be incorporating on its new line of NEX and SLT's. 

The hotshoe according to the specs has 20-pin and uses Sony Intelligent signals and IS mechanically compatible with competitors accessory.  Does this mean we can use Canon/Nikon speedlites? If this is true, then this will be good news for Sony Alpha strobist.

Another technology included is a Micro USB Port, 15-pin and uses Sony Intelligent Signals and mechanically and functionally compatible with other manufacturers Micro USB accessory which are 5-pins.

What the Sony Intelligent Signal means are a bit vague at the moment, this might be them doing some translation of the signals from other manufacturers into Sony's own interpretation.

Whatever it is, it is a good time to be a Sony NEX / SLT user. No one has done more ground-breaking technology in the photography world than Sony.

Rumored NEX bodies

Just thought I'd share this news from Sony Alpha Rumors.  Sony will be launching two new NEX bodies; NEX-5R, an update of the NEX-5N and NEX-6, a more affordable NEX-7.


Like the NEX-5N, the successor still doesn't have any hotshoe.  This will probably have the same sensor used on the NEX-7 albeit smaller megapixel count.


The NEX-6 has an EVF, if this is as good as the NEX-7 then this will definitely sell, there is also a dial selection on top compared to the previous NEX where the Mode is selected using the MENU on the back of the camera.

This one have the new hotshoe that Sony will be introducing on the NEX and future SLT cameras.  Will this be the 'death' of the Minolta hotshoe? I think so and it's about time as Sony got 'stuck' on that old technology.

The movie record button has also been moved to avoid it being press accidentally. Personally, I prefer the Canon implementation where you have to switch the on/off to dedicated movie mode.

One thing that I like about the new NEX camera's is that they now have the Fn button next to the Shutter.  This feature comes from the NEX-7 and was well received because of the quick access it gives you.

September seems a long time but it's only a few more weeks and then we'll see what this cameras can deliver and more importantly, the PRICE!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

RX100 Video Samples

I really am enjoying this point-and-shoot camera from Sony. It has so far exceeded my expectation when it comes to Image Quality and Video Quality.  There are some minor issues that I wish can be addressed by a firmware but it is for me, the best pocketable camera.

Here are some sample videos (full HD @ 50mbps), no editing, just downloaded the mts file straight into hard drive and uploaded to Vimeo.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

NEX-7 Precision Digital Zoom Test

Playing aroung with the NEX-7 Precision Digital Image Zoom.  This is not the same as on the newer Cybershots / SLT / NEX's cameras which Sony called Clear Image Zoom.

Here are some sample shots and I must say that it will do especially if you don't have a lens >100mm focal length.

Lens used is the Minolta AF 100/2 attached to the LA-EA2 adapter. Camera was set to AutoWB, Neutral and STD-JPG, f/8.0 and 1/125 shutter speed.

No Precision Digital Image Zoom

Zoom set to 5x

Zoom set to 10x

With a bit of sharpening in Photoshop (or editing software of your choice), you can definitely sharpen the images and bring out more details.

Personally, I won't hesitate using the Precision Digital Zoom if needed.

Friday, August 10, 2012

TV, Reborn!


I know this is not camera related but just wanted to share the good news to everyone in Australia.

Sony's Google TV has arrived!

Powered by Google Chrome browser, you can access optimised Android app for Google TV, Play Store and Sony's Entertainment Network (Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited).

Here's a video of some lucky Sony X'ers trying out the Google TV.

Let me know what you think.

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