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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bad Case of CA

I've read some reviews about the Zeiss 24/1.8 having some CA (Chromatic Aberration) issues at wide open but mostly on the corners and not smack in the middle.  I've had some time to finally use the lens after having it since January and I am a bit disappointed specially for the price I paid for it.

Before writing this blog, I sent a copy of the photos to Sony AU for their technical support team to have a look at.  In fairness, they did say that until they can test it themselves. Anyway the lens has been sent to their Service Centre for testing.  UPDATE: I was informed that they will just replace the lens. I don't know why but it is another 2 week wait.

I must admit that the lighting conditions are tricky and I probably should not be shooting at wide open but I never expected this from a $1200 USD lens!

Here are the photos I am talking about and you be the judge.
100% crop on top right corner of image below

100% crop centre of image below

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