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Saturday, April 14, 2012

SLRMagic Bokehmorphic Lens for NEX

First, let me just say a BIG THANK YOU to SLR Magic for the very professional customer service experience. I did not receive the first delivery of my lens and upon informing them, they called me up (overseas call) and told me that they will be shipping a new one (express) to my hotel as I was in a work conference. This kind of service are rare these days so keep it up guys!

I've always been fascinated by those beautiful bokeh shapes that you see in photos. Most of them are achieved by simple DIY projects but since I really don't have the time to do those kind of projects (i'm just lazy!) because of family and work commitments. I pre-ordered once I've heard that SLR Magic is releasing this lens. Price is affordable and the build quality is excellent. I own the SLR Magic 35/1.7 lens and comparing the two, the 28mm Bokehmorphic lens is a better built compared to their 35/1.7.  It is thicker compared to the Sony SEL 16/2.8 lens. 

What's in the box?

NOTE: Missing rubber colour bands.  My copy didn't contain one but SLR Magic has sent one already so I should be receiving it soon.

Sample Photos using the Shapes Bokeh

It lacks a bit of contrast for my taste. I had to boost the contrast +15 on these pics on Lightroom 4.
Heart-shape Bokeh
Sun-shape Bokeh
Star-shape Bokeh

As a Normal Lens

One of the choices you have is a 'circle-shape' which should mimic the  bokeh shapes of normal lenses. Here's a couple of shots taken with it.  I must admit that centre portion of the image, sharpness is acceptable.  I actually like the 'character' that this lens produce especially when using it with the NEX-7 Rich B&W Picture style.  These two pics are unedited!

Rich B&W of the NEX-7


I enjoy using this lens. Price-wise it is affordable. Like previously mentioned, it can be used as a normal lens and with Sony NEX's Focus Peaking, it is easy to nail the focus.  Trying to get the bokeh to appear will teach you where to place the subject against the background.
This lens might even come in handy if you are shooting weddings, birthdays or any family event.  Would you use it for paid professional work, why not? I'm sure couples would love to see a background of 'heart-shape' lights during the reception or church shots.

If you are looking for a 28mm FL lens and at the same time you have an option to change the bokehshape (without adding anything in front of the lens) then this is for you.

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