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Sunday, January 13, 2013

a good zoom lens for your NEX - the SEL55210

If you are looking for a zoom lens for your NEX camera that is a native e-mount, you only have 4 options at the moment;

  1. Sony SEL 18-200
  2. Sony SEL 18-200 (LE)
  3. Tamron 18-200
  4. Sony SEL 55-210
I got mine as part of a dual lens kit for the NEX-6.

I won't waste your time in reading the technical specs as they are all over the internet. Just go to any Sony website and you can even do a comparison between the 3 Sony branded lenses.

The NEX SEL55-210 zoom lens is an underrated lens in my opinion.  The image quality I am getting from this lens is superb.  This is not a FAST LENS so when you want to use it in lowlight you have to bump up the ISO, which is not a problem with the NEX-7 and the newer and better High-ISO capable camera the NEX-6.

The weight of the SEL55-210 is perfect for the NEX camera compared to the 1st-generation SEL18-200.  Another advantage of the lens is the filter size which is 49mm, same as the SEL24F18 and the 18-55 Kit lens.  I have this lens on my camera instead of the 18-55!  

The SEL55-210 also has a OSS (Optical Steady Shot) which is great for both photo and video.  

Most of the photos taken were from the recent family holiday we had at Singapore and Hong Kong.  The only post processing done on the photos were to remove the sharpening in LR 4 and cropped.

Photos taken with the NEX-7:

Photos taken from NEX-6:

If you are in the market for a NEX Zoom lens and your budget is around $400-$500 USD, this lens comes highly recommended!  This is the ONLY ZOOM lens I have for my NEX system, the only thing that can replace this on my bag will be if Sony comes out with a G-lens for the NEX System!


  1. I totally agree with Cris. This lens very good for your NEX and budget but with very good performance. I hope Sony would also make zoom lenses with constant aperture very soon.

    1. Thanks Gem, hopefully we will get a firmware to allow PDAF with the SEL55-210 and NEX-6.


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